l'USINE is a vibrant space home to artists and craftsman in temporary or permanent residencies as well as various activities and events related to art, culture and sustainable development. The place wants to allow meaningful projects to be developed within it, while ensuring the personal development of its partners.


Une trentaine de créateurs de diverses formations et cultures occupent des ateliers de manière permanente. A multitude of artistic techniques intersect on 3 floors:

painting, engraving, screen printing, sculpture, weaving, embroidery, ceramic, jewelry creation, video, music, graphic design,…



Behind the project, we find Sébastien who has swapped his commercial engineer hat for a hired chef's hat. Potje d'ici offers seasonal soups at low prices in returnable glass jars, cooked at l'USINE, delivered by cargo bike in Brussels and in accordance with a sustainable economy.

An eco-responsible project

  • The products come from sustainable local agriculture, in accordance to the seasons, and bought at a fair price (at Terroirist), which ensures a long-term partnership with farmers.
  • The principle of zero waste is applied to the maximum. Deliveries are made by bicycle and glass jars are returnable, which ensures a low ecological footprint.
  • Economic : sterilization of the jars allows long storage at room temperature, which frees up space in the fridge.

Soups are made from organic vegetables only, water, organic olive oil and organic spices. They keep 3 months at room temperature after production.
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Éconnaissances, is about two young bioengineers, Benjamin and Marie, green gardening enthusiasts, and eager to put their knowledge and passion at the service of ecological transition and transitioners! Through short or long training sessions in small groups, or personalized advice at home, they support all those who work with the desire to return to the essential basics of life. One condition : the desire to learn.
In partnership with Éconnaissances, we have created a vegetable garden to accommodate on the one hand training in permaculture and on the other hand to benefit from a small food production used for l'USINE's activities.
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Mariko's cuisine is a marriage of Asian and Western flavors that awaken the senses. It is a culinary love story that you can discover at the tables d'hôte offered at l'USINE.

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l'EPI is a cooperative grocery store located at the front of the building. Here everything is self-managed by a group of citizens committed to sustainable food, reasoned and accessible to all. The strength of the project is to remain in continuous development.
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Aquaponics, it is the creation of an ecosystem 100% natural bringing together aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (the cultivation of plants without soil, landless) where the water circulates in a closed circuit. At the head of Aquaponie Bruxelles we find Laurence. Biologist by training, she started in 2016 in aquaponics accompanied by Massimo Federico.
l'USINE aquaponics system occupies an area of ​​50m2.
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