l'USINE is a vibrant space that welcomes artists and craftsmen in permanent or temporary residences as well as a series of activities and events related to art, culture and sustainable development. It wishes to allow sustainable and meaningful projects to be developed within it, while supporting the personal development of its partners. She is committed to provide access to calm and inspiring creative spaces, in town, offering comfort to creators and also participating in the mix of activities in our city which is dear to us. l'USINE is a private project and the non-profit organization organising the events hasn't applied for subsidies, In this context, this is made possible by a balance to be found between 3 types of space disposal :

  1. to subsidized companies or non-profit organizations, at classic rates
  2. to non-subsidized non-profit organizations, at “softer” prices
  3. to actors who cannot support the ASBL rates

For rehearsals, spaces can be occupied on time, daily or weekly basis. For residences aimed at working on projects in development, the minimum duration is 15 days. A hosting solution can be offered.
The rooms cannot host events, like birthdays or wedding parties.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the conditions of use of our spaces, the services that can be provided and the documents to be sent to apply for a residency.


As a company you can rent a room for a day or half a day. We offer additional services to facilitate your event. Tell us more about your needs and we will send you a detailed quote.


You have a project, you want to take advantage of our calm and inspiring spaces to organize your regular classes or one-off events related to art, culture, food or personal development? Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the conditions of use of our spaces and the services that can be provided.

The rooms "salle blanche",, "salle noire", "salle d'exposition", or "les guichets" as well as the greenhouse and our garden can be made available on time, daily or weekly basis according to your needs.


For actors who cannot bear the ASBL rates but whose project has been selected by our selection committee, at further reduced prices or free of charge against exchange of services.
Submit us your project by email.